Salt Cave - Darien CT - Benefits & Policies
Salt Cave of Darien

Benefits & Policies


Salt caves have existed for decades in Europe. A Polish doctor first noted that the workers in a salt mine did not have respiratory or lung problems due to the stable air temperature, low humidity, and because the mines lacked airborne pollutants. A spa was opened based on these findings to help people with respiratory ailments and skin conditions. The largest and oldest salt works in Europe, known as Wieliczka, Poland, outside of Krakow, also carved a hospital out of the immense salt mountain, seven hundred and forty feet below the surface, specifically for asthmatics and patients with lung disease and allergies. Entry into the clinic is by doctor referral only and it is recognized as an alternative medicine that is helping people. People have traveled from all over the world to experience the healing powers of natural crystal salt.

The beautiful color of the Himalayan salt is soothing and relaxing ambiance through color therapy - also known as chromotherapy. Chromotherapy has much scientific evidence showing its benefit with relaxation, stress, sleep and more. The pharmaceutical grade salt that is emitted into the air contains 84 mineral and nutrient properties, it is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory as well. It also places negative ions into the air which off sets the positive ions that we are subjected to by stress and televisions, radio waves and other interferences. This salt is exceptional at drawing out metabolic toxins from within our cells and to purge out toxic metals and impurities. Mucus is loosened up and thickness decreased that exists in the respiratory system which are then expelled naturally. Besides enjoying an overall sense of well being and rejuvenation, some people with respiratory conditions and skin ailments can find relief over time.

Now people in the United States can benefit with the invention of the halo generator which models the healing effects of the salt caves by using pharmaceutical salt. The halo generator emits the medical grade salt into the cave for inhalation. The popularity of salt caves has grown stronger in the United States in the past five years and its positive benefits have been highlighted in the press.


We advise to always consult with a physcian should you have any condition, medicine or question to make sure that salt therapy will not interfere for you.

Salt Cave Session and Class Policies

  • Please arrive 10 minutes early to your session time.
  • So as to not disturb others, we cannot accommodate an arrival past the start time.
  • We request you wear white socks during your session.
  • Your cell phone and personal belongings can be stored in secure lockers outside of the cave as they are not allowed in the cave.
  • No food is allowed and no drink is allowed unless it is a scheduled Happy Hour session.
  • Please refrain from perfume or smoking at least two hours prior to the session.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: For any cancellations less than 24 hours, there will be a $25.00 cancellation charge.
  • Spa Room Services/Happy Hour Policy

    • Please arrive 10 minutes early to your service time.
    • We request you wear white socks during your session.
    • Your cell phone and personal belongings should be stored in secure lockers outside.
    • No food is allowed and no drink is allowed unless it is a scheduled service/Happy Hour.
    • CANCELLATION POLICY: For any spa service cancellation less than 24 hours, there will be a 50% cancellation charge; no refund of deposit for cave rental.

Weather Policy

When the weather gets frightful, we may need to cancel our sessions or classes. If we need to close the Cave due to the weather, we will let you know no less than one hour before the start time by:

  • A post on our Instagram and Facebook accounts (click icons at bottom of page to access)
  • A phone call to the number provided at time of appointment and, if none, then we will e-mail you
  • On Cablevision 12 Connecticut site News 12 Connecticut closings alert
  • We will credit your account to re-schedule your session/class for a better weather day! If we still have the session/class and you cancel less than 24 hours ahead, we reserve the right to impose the $25.00 cancellation penalty.