Salt Cave - Darien CT
Salt Cave of Darien

Darien's First Premium Salt Cave

Entering into the cave is a beautiful and calming sight. The inside of the cave is covered with tons of Himalayan salt on the walls and underfoot. A large and beautiful salt brine cascade adds to the beauty and health benefits.

The Salt

The authentic Himalayan pink salt is not just beautiful to see but it has anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. The pharmaceutical dry salt, containing 84 minerals and nutrients, and also known for being anti-inflamatory, is the purest natural salt for inhalation.

The Healing Benefits of Halotherapy

Halotherapy uses pure dry salt vapor to treat respiratory ailments, skin irritations and to stimulate rejuvenation and relaxation. It binds mucus in the body for you to then expel which could leave you breathing better. The beautiful pinks, orange and reds adds chromotherapy to the benefits. These colors create a soothing ambiance for emotional and mental health benefits which could affect the level of the mood chemical serotonin.

The Salt Cave of Darien's salt cave is a surreal environment to relax, recharge, and rejuvenate both body and mind.

See what our customers thought!

"I have more mental clarity, co-workers tell me I’m more chipper and my family has started to follow my obsession.... The cave brings peace, calm and serenity, celebrates friendship and family and heals from the inside out." Jennifer D.

"My 4th visit but definitely not my last. I have nasal issues and find it so easy to breathe in the room and for some time after. Love how relaxed I am during the session and for hours after. Ginny is always so welcoming and friendly." Linda G.

"My first experience in a salt cave and it was amazing! It was relaxing and soothing. My skin was flawless afterwards! Thank you to the staff at the salt cave! The place is spotless and the staff is courteous and respectful!" Marisol V.

"Just wanted to let you know how much I look forward to my sessions and in spreading the word of this wonderful service. I think everybody should experience (at least give it try) to see if it can help cure or treat ailments / illnesses." Denise L.

"The Salt Cave of Darien rejuvenates my body, soul and spirit. I go there to help my knees feel better but there are so many benefits to this antibacterial, anti inflammatory, anti-microbial, antiseptic and antiviral Himalayan Salt Cave environment." Dara T.

"My mother and I had an enchantingly relaxing time inside the salt cave...she stated how 'important it is to take time for yourself to be at peace'". Tracey W.

"My appointment was wonderful. I find the salt cave very relaxing and healing" Kathy R.

"What a great time to be able to spend time together with family members." Noreen A.

"My friend and I were truly very pleased with the experience at the Salt Cave of Darien. It was very calming, relaxing and health beneficial." G.Z.

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Enjoy a single session or purchase a package deal

For adults, your 45 minute session allows you to experience the health benefits of breathing micro particles of dry salt while resting in a cave-like atmosphere set to tranquil and restful music.

Children can benefit and have fun! Children only sessions gives them a chance to play in the salt with buckets and toys and listening to fun music.


See all of the other activities and events in the cave!

Yoga classes - different types of classes are offered

Stretching classes that help your muscles

Coffee/Tea chatter sessions so you can catch up with friends

Meditation in the peaceful surroundings

Private Cave rentals with family/friends in a happy hour setting

Check out special events that will be offered from time to time like Sound Healing, Reflexology, Mindfulness and other special offerings


Here are answers to the frequently asked questions and call us if you have any further questions - we love to talk about salt!

1. How does it work? What do I do? What happens in the Salt Cave during a regular session?

You quietly and silently relax in an anti-gravity lounge chair in a room surrounded with Himalayan salts on the floor, walls and ceiling. A water cascade on the wall disperses particles of salt into the air, the generator micro-particles of salt which is fine. Calming music plays while you breathe normally in the healthy salt air which has 84 essential minerals and negative ions. You also get chromotherapy from the beautiful pink, orange and reds in there which has a calming effect. Regular sessions are 45 minutes.

2. Is this a shared space?

Yes, other people can book a seat for a session so you could share the room with other people. However, we hear most people find it an internal experience and they seem to not notice anyone else. For the comfort of others, it is a quiet environment so we ask for no talking.

3. What is the room temperature inside the Salt Cave?

The temperature inside the cave is a comfortable 68 degrees. A throw-blanket is available on each lounging chair. You may want to bring a sweater just in case.

4. What should I wear?

We ask that you wear white socks. We suggest wearing a long sleeve shirt and comfortable pants. You do not walk away covered in salt so you can wear clothes you plan to continue wearing. Just like when you are sleeping, your body temperature may drop while you are resting and relaxing so we suggest bringing a sweater or sweatshirt. A throw-blanket is available for use during the session.

5. What are the health benefits?

The more colorful the salt, the more proponents are in it. Himalayan salt is a beautiful pink salmon color to benefit with chromotherapy. The medical grade salt contains 84 essential minerals and nutrients, such as magnesium and calcium, are required by our bodies at all times in order to work effectively.

6. How do I get the most out of my visit?

Be sure to show up at least ten minutes before your scheduled session. Leave your books, cellphones and personal belongings in the secure lockers provided for your use outside the cave. Allow yourself to relax into the experience; you may want to meditate, focus on your breathing, etc. Many people relax into sleep.

7. Why do I have to bring and wear white socks?

White socks are required for walking on the salts in the cave. Colored socks have chemicals in the dyes and would contaminate the salts. As we want to maintain purity of the salts, we require and appreciate that you wear pure white socks in the cave.

8. What is the cancellation policy?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. Otherwise, there is a $25.00 charge.

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